Assault Industries HD Barrel Radius Rods

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The Assault Industries barrel style heavy duty radius rods for Honda Talon are designed and manufactured in California using state-of-the-art machinery and aircraft grade materials. 

This kit retains OEM clearance but adds 3x the strength and rigidity over the factory setup. Assault Industries radius rods are machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and hard anodized black with polished chromoly adjustable Heim joints.

We offer a standard (Recreational spec) kit for vehicle owners that want to install their rods with minimal maintenance requirements as they are set up as right/right tread configuration so if the locking nuts break loose the rods will not unthread themselves.

The Race spec rods feature a Left/Right rod configuration for quick and easy install and adjustment as well as some additional machining over the standard kit. Assault Industries does not recommend this kit for recreational use as lock nuts and settings must be checked often to ensure that nothing comes loose or goes out of adjustment.

Note: Loose lock nuts can allow L/R rod to turn and unscrew itself over time which can be bad if complete separation occurs - This is why it is not recommended for recreational use vehicles where the setup will generally remain standard and fixed. 

This stylish kit will look amazing while performing above and beyond OEM specifications!