CO2 Tank UTV Powershot W/Bracket Twins Power Tank

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CO2 Tank UTV Powershot W/Bracket Twins from Power Tank. The perfect system for your SxS in versatility, power, and convenience. This two bottle system has separate brackets and roll bar clamps to allow mounting on two different roll bars for a balanced look.
It comes with the super fast Sidearm Comp adjustable regulator, TIG-8200 tire inflator with gauge, tire plug kit and padded storage bag. Don't forget to order your roll bar spacers to fit your roll bar.

  • Powershot with Bracket Twins
  • Powershot hard mount for UTV/SxS
  • (2) 20 oz. bottles with on/off valves
  • (2) Mntg Brackets
  • ABC Clamps (2 pair)
  • Sidearm COMP Adjustable Reg
  • TIG-8200 w/ no elbow
  • Black zipper bag
  • Dust cap
  • (4) 323 o-rings (included as spare)
  • Mini tire plug kit (10 plugs)
  • SB-01 brkt w/ 2 inch ABC clamps
  • For smaller roll bar see ABC-1030.X