Deutsch DT 4-Pin Splitter Wire (one)

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  • 16-inch 2-way splitter wire for Stage Series LED Pods with backlight functionality
  • Standard Deutsch DT 4-pin connectors
  • Heavy-duty 14AWG wire


Plug-and-Play. This Deutsch DT Splitter Wire can be used anywhere you would like to split DT 4-pin power wires. This splitter wire uses standard DT 4-pin connectors, and is intended for use with our Stage Series LED Pods with backlight functionality. This splitter wire features over-molded connectors with an embossed Diode Dynamics logo, providing strain relief and protection from the elements. It includes one female DT connector and two male connectors, for plug-and-play installation.

This splitter safely powers up to 20A of auxiliary lamps. Please refer to the current draw data below.  

  • C1 Sport: 1.2A
  • C1 Pro: 1.7A
  • SSC2 Sport: 0.6A
  • SSC2 Pro: 1.75A