Monster Valve Tire Deflator Kit 4 Pack W/Deflator and Tap Power Tank

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Monster Valve Tire Deflator Kit from Power Tank. Monster Valves are oversized, light-weight, yet sturdy valve stems that you install as a second stem to your wheel. Made from 7018 aluminum, they are the fastest tire deflation and inflation product on the market.

Imagine airing down a 40x13.50 tire from 35 psi down to 10 psi in under 30 seconds. This kit also includes a Monster Chuck which, when used with a Power Tank, will inflate that same tire in 50-60 seconds.

They are easy to install into steel or aluminum wheels. Just drill a 7/16 inch hole, tap 1/4 Inch NPT threads, and screw them in. You don't even have to remove your tire from the rim. Check out our install video with the tire mounted here.

For a limited time, we'll even include the tap for you! Ours is a high-quality bright steel tap. The quality of your tap directly relates to the quality of your threads. Weak threads are the most common cause of leaks.

With all-aluminum construction, the total weight of each valve is a mere 1.1 oz and does not require a tire rebalancing. Due to its structure, it is five times stiffer than a standard metal valve.

We recommend adding a tire pressure gauge with a large, easy to read face to get accurate readings while you're airing up and down. You'll thank yourself when you see how quickly the pressure drops.

  • 7018 Aluminum body
  • Aluminum Collar and Cap
  • Sold as a set of 4
  • Single Monster Valves can be found in a separate listing
  • Bright steel tap included