Propane Tank Power Bracket Comp 10-15 Lb CO2 Tank 6.9 Inch Diameter Stainless Steel Tank Power Tank

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CO2 Tank Bracket 10-15 Lb CO2 Tank 6.9 Inch Diameter Stainless Steek Tank from Power Tank. The old race-ready Straight Jacket was a hit with its dual full-surround stainless steel straps, super strong turn-buckle closures, and powder coated steel frame.
This is the new and improved Straight Jacket Bracket. The frame is also taller than the old Straight jacket for maximum rigidity. This also makes it better for the taller 15 lb. tanks.

There are multiple mounting holes in the back for either bolts or our roll bar clamps (pictured). There are also mounting holes in the floor of the bracket positioned so the bolt heads fall inside the bottom ring of our tank boots and your tank sits flat.
Seven thick rubber bumper grommets keep the tank secure and absorb shock. The unbeatable full-surround stainless steel straps are still here to make this Straight Jacket Bracket inescapable.


  • Bracket Floor
  • Full surround Stainless Steel Straps
  • 10-15 Lb Tank
  • 6.9 Inch Diameter