Speed Bag For PT15 15 LB Power Tank

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Speed Bag 15 LB Power Tank. If your Power Tank is more of a mobile tool being carried from place to place then the Speed Bag is what you need. The Speed Bag offers great protection for your shiny Power Tank from bumps and bruises and features two large pockets for storing your air hose and tools. When you want to use it you don't even have to remove your Tank from the case. Just flip the top handle back, unzip the top and gain full access to the regulator and valve.

The heavy duty ballistic nylon base protects the bottom from wear and the mesh front pocket lets you see what's inside. The sides are fully padded. This is the Best way to carry your Power Tank at the pits, the race course, to the job site, or even in the back floor of your pick-up. It's even a great way to store your Power Tank while it's out of the Jeep. To keep it from accidentally falling over, the top handle strap has a buckle so you can quickly secure it around a post or to a bumper. Protect your investment. Put it in a Speed Bag. This bag fits the 15 lb. Power Tanks.